need help Finding plant name for grandson

Lee Hadden hadden at WINGATE.EDU
Tue Mar 10 19:21:06 EST 1998

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As long as you don't use Pansy, Hyacinth, Rose, Sweet Pea, Violet, or Petunia,
any plant name would probably suffice.  Maybe ELMer, or Acer.  Forest is
plant-related and sounds aristocratic.  Hope these help.

Just for fun

mel turner wrote:

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> >Hi out there,
> >I need help finding a plant name for my grandson.  Somebody in a campground
> in
> >FL gave me a thorn from something, it looks like a horn for a cow.  It's
> about
> >3" spread and about the same color and is attached to a small twig.   I sent
> it
> >to my 11 year old grandson in NY and later he took it to school and his
> teacher
> >told him that if he could find out what plant it came from he would get
> extra
> >points in class for the info.  We would appreciate any info you could give
> us.
> >Grandfather's "E" Mail: billybo278      Grandson's "E" Mail: tms3b at
> >Thanks for the help in this matter.
> >Bill
> The first thing that comes to mind are the swollen stipular "thorns" of some
> species of _Acacia_ of tropical America.  [Bull-horn acacias, or ant-acacias]
> Was it actually collected in Florida, or did it come from elsewhere? [I don't
> think any are native to Florida, but relatives with less inflated spines may
> be].  The tropical swollen-thorn Acacias are noteworthy in that they show an
> especially close symbiosis between plants and ants: the paired thorns are
> hollow and the ants make a small hole near one end of each pair and live
> inside them [does yours have such an opening?].  The plants provide nectar
> and special food bodies for the ants, and the ants actively defend the trees
> against encroaching plants, herbivorous insects, and will sting even large
> animals that disturb the plants.
> cheers

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