(5) Science vs. Theology

mystic mystic at lcc.net
Thu Mar 12 05:03:23 EST 1998

Dr. Efram E. Goldstein wrote:
> Per-Anders Freyhult <per.anders.freyhult at r.lrf.se> wrote..
> >
> >
> > Dr. Efram E. Goldstein wrote:
> > > Religion is not compatible with science at all-
> > > religion is the antithesis of science.
> > >
> > > All true scientists are atheists.
> > > All truly intelligent people are atheists.
> > > Religion is something found only
> > > in ignorant children. The logical process
> > > of reason must exclude mythological
> > > beliefs.
> > >
> > > Dr. Efram E. Goldstein
> >
> > Why?
> >
> > Althuogh I my self is probably beast designated as an agnostic I see
> no
> > reason that relegion and science are incombatible. Rather I see them
> as
> > paralell principles, religion dealing with those things that can not
> be
> > described in purely physical terms but are non the less important to
> > human such as the afterlife, the origin of all things( what scientist
> > can tell you what caused the Big Bang) and such things.
> > Also these lines "All truly intelligent people are atheists. Religion
> is
> > something found only in ignorant childern." are an insult to every
> > religious individual on this planet.
> >
> > Johan Freyhult
> >
> My opinion of religion is quite low. I do not
> regard anyone who is so weak-minded to
> actually believe in such nonsense as intelligent.
> Would you regard an adult who actually believes
> in Santa Claus to be intelligent? My opinion
> may be taken as an insult by religious people,
> but my intent is merely to guide the fools back to
> the path of reason and science and away from
> the land of fairytales.
> Goldstein

Nonetheless, there are still things in this world that are quite real, 
even prosaic, that are not measurable, quantifiable, nor explainable
in terms of pure rationale.  Love.  Hate.  Awe.  Even trying to explain
these in terms of chemical impulses in the brain is not plausible, 
because no one is certain as to whether or not the measurable evidences
of emotions are a cause -- or an effect.  I'm as much a scientist as I
am a historian or a poet -- and I know a blind spot in the abilities
of science when I see it.  Admitting this is no more un-intelligent than
is irrationally claiming that science can answer all questions -- even
those that have not yet been asked of it.


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