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Fri Mar 13 16:38:57 EST 1998

m.lee wrote:
> MG Layton (layton1 at jeflin.tju.edu) wrote:
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> | MG
> Well, *one* of you spells better :)
> Go to your local library or go to a site like amazon.com and search for
> the title words "edible plants," for openers ... you can tart it up with
> your geographic location.
> ml

I'd go along with this, but some of the titles are actually a bit
non-specific. The best UK book on the subject is by Richard Mabey and is
called 'Food for Free', which you probably wouldn't find in a title
search. A recent British cook-book dealt with edible wild plants, fungi,
fish and assorted creepy-crawlies, and was by Hugh
Fearnley-Whittingstall (I kid you not, that's his name), but I've
forgotten the title. Sorry I don't know any US titles on the subject,
but there MUST be some, and you have to be quite certain you can
identify safely what's growing in your region.

Colin Will
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

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