image analysis systems

David Brown dbrown at OA.PTLOMA.EDU
Tue Mar 17 15:32:43 EST 1998

Note:  this will be cross posted to plantbio and biolab.

        A new faculty in my department has funds to obtain
an image analysis system. I need help to advise here which
available system is best. Those I have located are:

        1) Freeware Mac based NIH Image from NIH Internet site

        2) The "CI" series up to CI-400 from CID Inc.

and    3) WinDIAS system from Delta-T Devices

        It needs to work with color plant and animal tissue
images to determine area, optical density, and some future
unknown factors you may better understand than I. Video
and digital cameras are used.

        Have any of you worked with these?

        Have any of you compared two or more of the systems?

        Best of all, are there any studies published comparing the
systems to tell which is best?

        Please help me if you know about image analysis.


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