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Jeffrey Kirby ez043438 at
Wed Mar 18 09:01:45 EST 1998

Mike Snow wrote:
: >>Our department is interested in purchasing a digital camera for
: >>photographing plants in the field.

Quent Durham responded:
: >I'm puzzled.  Why?  At the moment you'll get far superior quality,
: >color and detail  from conventional Kodachrome/Kodacolor at lower
: >price. What's the benefit?

Warwick Silvester added:
: Yes I would agree, we have found that taking a decent colour print and
: scanning it gives a far better digital image than any  digital camera  we
: have tried.  But also try putting plant material straight onto your scanner
: using a blackened or whitened aquarium as a background  and you can get
: quite stunning digital images.

I'm personally interested in the possibility of a digital camara I can use
my SLR lenses on for a few reasons: 
	1) Instant picture preview save/delete options - if you biff a
picture you know it when you can fix it.
	2) Filmless - not only saves money in the long run but is
environmentally happy (lots of chemicals are used in photo processing,
including gold in Kodachrome, silver in most other slide films)
	3) Scanning takes up a lot of time and adds cost not involved in a
digital camara - even higher costs for a slide scanner.

In the little bit of looking I've done I've only seen viewfinder
point-and-click style digital camaras which are useless for what I want to
do. I've always assumed anything that can handle (Nikon) SLR lenses will
be prohibitively expensive. If anyone knows of something cheap
(relatively), please post it. 


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