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We are initiating a program to build a new building
and are in the planning stages.  We would like to
make site visits to a few new biology buildings
within a 500 mile radius of Hartford CT.  So if any
of you are in a new building (less than 5 yrs old)
and you are in the northeast of the US, I'd really
appreciate knowing about your new building, and
how I can set up a site visit.

Our university is small but we are planning for
growth in the next 25 years.  The building will be
something in the neighborhood of 120,000 sq ft,
and we are needing good ideas to make a facility
that won't be obsolete in 15 years.  So we are
interested in innovative designs and in learning
about the architects used, consultants hired, etc
in your building project.

The roof greenhouse idea is also one we are entertaining,
and I am especially interested in hearing from people
whose experiences with these are good.  I don't need
to hear about leaky, disfunctional, designs yet.   I'm
sure some of you got the right people on the project
and have a successful roof unit...those are what I need
to hear about at present.  We need to find the consultants
and architects who have successful designs and executions.
I'll ask about failed projects later when we get down
to the designing phase.  Obviously know what to avoid
is as important getting the right people, but for now
we want to see some successful designs and designers.

As an alternative to a greenhouse, we are considering
constructing four 500 sq ft culture rooms with separate
humidity, temperature, light, photoperiod, etc. controls.
I would be really excited to hear about a place with such
rooms constructed in the last five years.

Thanks in advance!


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