what (hanging) plant in (half)shade

Robert Wagner xrobwagnerx at seanet.com
Thu Mar 19 23:31:38 EST 1998

I think the Begonias and Fuchsias already mentioned are excellent
suggestions for your climate and half-shade, and I can add one more:
Mimulus x tigrinus. You can grow them from seed, so they are inexpensive.
Mimulus x tigrinus is an annual so unlike the other 2 you do not have to
worry about overwintering it.

None of these suggestions are fragrant. If you have your heart set on
fragrance, see if you can find a plant called Trachelospermum jasminioides.
It is grown in England and probably in southern Europe, but you might be
able to find one locally. It is a very tolerant plant. It might not be hardy
in the Netherlands but one of its relations should be quite so: T.
asiaticum. These are climbers, by the way, but they can be kept fairly
bushy, especially T. asiaticum.


Frank Huijsmans wrote in message <35123623.1419804 at news.casema.net>...
>what plants can I put in hanging baskets on a wall that is in half
>shade. I want them to grow over de the baskets, to grow a bit
>"abundant". Preferably they would blossom  (small flowers) and have
>some fragrance.

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