Codon preference

Kathleen Archer Kathleen.Archer at MAIL.CC.TRINCOLL.EDU
Mon Mar 23 09:07:21 EST 1998

I have a couple of references from the mid-80's which suggest that certain
codons are found more frequently in plant genes than others.  I'm sure
there must be more recent publications which would have better data now
that there are so many more plant genes sequenced.  Searching databases
like Agricola or Biosis might turn up something.  At any rate, here are two
articles from the distant past:

1. Grantley, W.L. et al.  "Are plant genes different?" FEBS Lett.
153(1):43-46, 1983.

2. DeVries, S.C. et al. "A shoot-specific mRNA from pea: nucleotide
sequence and regulation as compared to light-induced mRNAs." Plant Molec.
Biol. 4:95-102, 1985.

At 07:40 AM 3/22/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Do plants have a codon preference like some bacteria and mammalian cells?
>Thanks, Mary

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