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>Looks like old Woodside is back at its old scam.  Writers, photographers
>--people! -- beware.

aka Woodside Literary Agency

For immediate release from the Jayne Hitchcock H.E.L.P. Fund:

The New York State Attorney General's Office announced on Nov. 27th
they filed charges against The Woodside Literary Agency, et al
(available at
The case includes charges of fraud, deceptive business practices and
false advertising based on "Woodside's" operation of a Literary agency
as well as their harassment of Jayne Hitchcock.   This "agency"
allegedly charged would-be writers "reading and other fees"  amounting
to hundreds of dollars, then failed to present the writers work to any
publisher for potential sale-- they essentially collected fees while
failing to perform any representative services.

Instrumental in bringing this indictment to fruition was author Jayne
A. Hitchcock.  Ms. Hitchcock's affidavit recounting her personal
experience with "Woodside" and supplying the Attorney General's Office
with a steady stream of victims of the alleged Woodside scam provided
that office with the information and complaints required to bring this
action.  Much of the information and contacts with other "Woodside"
victims came from Ms. Hitchcock's network of author friends on the
internet--primarily through the writing-related Usenet hierarchy.

The New York Times published a major story on these events in its
Thursday (Nov. 27th) edition, which can be found at  The story
includes Jayne Hitchcock's involvement in and contribution to the
Attorney General's case. 

For more information on this landmark case and to find out how you can
help Ms. Hitchcock in her ongoing struggle with The Woodside Literary
Agency in her own separate civil suit against them, please visit the
"Abuse of Usenet: The Woodside Literary Agency" web site at or contact the H.E.L.P. Fund
at: helpfund at

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