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Our bookstore wants fall textbook requests in tomorrow!  I have a stack of
books to look through and won't be able to do an adequate job so need your
expertise.  [I was  preoccupied with a new faculty search and just as that
ended, I had to rush to PA after learning that my dad had just had a massive
stroke--just getting back in circulation on campus now.]   In view of the time
constraints and unanticipated trip north, I thought I'd ask for the benefit of
your experience.

Mine is a sophomore 200-level plant biology course which includes basic
structure and function, survey, control of growth and development, and
photosynthesis.  I want to incorporate more physiology and biotech in the fall
and "beef" the course up.  What books and lab manuals have any of you folks
found effective for students who have virtually no plant bio background in HS,
and generally see plants as uninteresting [until they get exposed to the "good
stuff"].  I want more hands-on exercises and experiments, rather than so much
of the "look at this slide, see this, label that" approach.  Given that there
needs to be some of this to expose them to basic observation and learning of
fundamentals, I need a textbook and lab manual [but I might write my own again]
that target them at their level and take them to a suitable level of
familiarity in one semester!  Any suggestions re books?
Has anyone used smaller monograph-type books that target certain plant biology
topics, rather than an exhaustive [and exhausting!] overly-expensive text that
is fine for faculty or anyone already versed in botany, but not for beginning
students with limited or no background?

Opinions re any of these?:
Mauseth    Botany an introduction to plant biology 2/e

Mauseth  Botany [large version]

Stern: Introductory Plant Biology, 7/e

Rost, Barbour, Stocking, Murphy;Plant Biology



Your opinions based on your experience are much appreciated.
Lee Hadden

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