plants & fluorescent lights?

Gerry Deitzer gd3 at UMAIL.UMD.EDU
Tue May 19 14:54:51 EST 1998

Dear Lance,

Light is light, irrespective of its source.  We use fluorescent light alone
in growth chambers and plants grow and develop perfectly normally.  The
only problem is to get enough light.  Ideally you would need about 20,000
lux (2,000 ft can or about 300 micro moles of photons/ m2/ s) and room
light is only about 10% of this level.  However if it is supplementing
sunlight it might be sufficient.  In any case, it is better than nothing.
Sunlight  generally produces superior plant growth because plants evolved
in sunlight which has a better spectral quality than fluorescent lamps, but
photosynthesis will use any available visible photons.

Gerry Deitzer

Lance wrote:

> do house plants get anything from fluorescent lights? I know someone who
> leaves the lights on in his office (which has no outside
> windows) "for the plants". I always thought that the kind of light from
> fluorescent lights was pretty much useless for plants aside from real
> sunlight....
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