Question: Pine Pollen

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Wed Nov 4 18:35:00 EST 1998

On 4 Nov 1998 07:06:45 -0800, BRoche at LOYOLA.EDU ("Bernadette Roche")

>My allergist in North Carolina tests for allergies to pine pollens, and my reaction was a 5 (out of 5), so I guess that enough of us out there are allergic to it, possibly because of the sheer volumes we've encountered.
Again, not as an expert (but perhaps due to a modern urban legend), a
LARGE (but not ALL) of the problems with pine pollen 'allergies' are
due more to the physical effects due to the relatively large (with
SPIKES! nonetheless) pollen grains produced by pine. These have more
of an effect on the eyes, with irritation, than due to any 'real'
allergic response.

Does anyone have anything to refute this?

Again, I'm NOT an expert.

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