plant fossils

Peggy Pollak peggy.pollak at NAU.EDU
Fri Nov 6 18:13:21 EST 1998

I'm glad Rachel brought this subject up as I meant to.  Would someone please
give me a source of coal balls that will likely contain plant fossils?
We've done this lab for years but we have never found any fossils in our


At 12:59 PM 11/6/98 -0800, you wrote:
>In my plant biology class next semester I am planning to have the students
>prepare peels of coal balls.  We have done this in the past, but I would
>like to do more with the peels this year in terms of examination if at all
>possible.  Can anyone recommend reference(s) that may include pictures of
>(presumably) spores, stem bits, etc. of some of the major taxa one would
>find?  Comments regarding feasibility also welcome as I am not a
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