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Fri Nov 6 21:44:07 EST 1998

S.O.S.  ¤p¯Z½Òµ{¨C¶g¤­¶}½Ò

¯S¸u±Ð¨|¬É¸ê²`¬üÄy¦W®v: Mr. Robert Murphy
¤W½Ò®É¶¡: ¨C¶g¤­  4:30p.m.-6:00p.m.
¶}½Ò¤é´Á: ¦Û11¤ë20¤é¶}©l¤W½Ò
¤W½Ò¦aÂI: ¥x¥_¥«´_¿³«n¸ô¤@¬q243¸¹11¼Ó¤§1
½Òµ{¤º®e¤À: A¬q: ¾Ç²ß§Þ¥© (Campus Skills)
            B¬q: ¥Í¬¡¦b¬ü°ê (Living in America)

A¬q½Òµ{¤º®e--¾Ç²ß§Þ¥© (Campus Skills)
Date           Topics
11/20/98       How to Apply for Scholarship
11/27/98       Communicating with Teachers
12/04/98       Class Discussion & Presentation
12/11/98       How to Use Campus Resources
               (e.g. using library & computer facility, medical services,
12/18/98       Note Taking
 1/08/99       Writing Research /Term Paper
 1/15/99       How to Prepare Your Exams
 1/22/99       How to Find a Job on Campus
*  *  *  B¬q½Òµ{¤º®e¡A±Nºò±µ©óA¬q½Òµ{«á¦w±Æ  *  *  *
¤p¯Z±Ð¾Ç  ¦WÃB¦³­­  ÃBº¡¬°¤î
§Y¤é°_½Ð³t¬¢  2705-8840
¬ü°ê±Ð¨|«Å¾É¤¤¤ß  °òª÷·|

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