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Suki Dobbie smdobbie at
Fri Nov 6 23:43:30 EST 1998

Hi.  I'm new here... I have never had any real sort of houseplantes before, but
now that I do... I have five kinds...

They all seem to be thriving, but I can't remember what they were called... I
don't have a scanner, so any information on what they might be would be a big

One is a Dieffenbachia.  I know that much.  THe others are as follows

1:  Currently about 6" high, but likely to get bigger, with woody stem, and
groupings of three leaves each about 2-2.5 inches long and about one eighth of
an inch wide.  The leaves are not smooth-edged, but are almost 'barbed' or
serrated... They are all green, and the younger leaves are much shorter and

2:  Currently about 3" high, with one stem with leaves protruding from the stem
at semi-evenly-spaced intervals all the way up it.  I was told this is a
gold-dust, but it does not match the image of the gold-dust plants I've seen on
the web.  Its leaves are about 2.5 inches long and, again, abut one eighth of an
inch wide.  THey are green with gold flecks all the way through.  In some
lights, it seems to have sparkling flecks all the way through the leaves.

3:  This one is the worst.. hard to describe, too...  It's about 7 inches tall
right now, and has several tall woody stems... from each stem is a thich bush of
leaves that are thin  like pine needles, but not nearly as stiff... I was told i
had to mist it about twice a day to keep it from drying out.. so I do... It is
all green... and I'm having a heck of a time trying to identify it... Pretty
hard too when it's so hard to describe.. hope that works.

The last one I'm not too worried about.  But it would be easier to find care
instructions for these ;plants if I knew what they were...

Sorry this is so long.. but I would really like help.  ANyone with any ideas,
please email me at smdobbie at

Thanks!  Suki.

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