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Thu Nov 12 20:52:29 EST 1998

On 12 Nov 1998, Ross Koning wrote:

> >How do we defend our profession?
> I address this question in my first lecture in
> all my courses...usually rephrased as why study
> botany?  When you think about our food, our oxygen,
> fossil fuels (and products), electricity, rubber,
> flavors, fragrances, medicines...well I guess
> you get my drift.
> My website has a better list.

I don't really disagree with you Ross, but we ask our students to learn
all sorts of things about how organisms evolve, reproduce, make a living
energetically, express genes, solve problems of heat and water balance,
maintain homeostasis, transduce signals from the environment into changes
in gene expression, etc.  All organisms do these things _including_
plants.  In my mind plants and animals are a whole lot more similar than
they are different.  I hope our students don't get the impression that
biology is about animals and the plants that serve them. 


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