soybean/cellular respiration

Ab32 at AOL.COM Ab32 at AOL.COM
Fri Nov 13 23:41:03 EST 1998

     Hi all - I hope someone can help me.  I am a bio major with very little
background in botany, and I need to write a research paper on cellular
respiration in soybeans.  I have been able to find a few articles in Plant
Physiology to reference, however I would like to include the use of lectins in
a protocol as well.  I have been online all night searching a lectin database,
but truthfully, I am not sure what I am looking for. My question is, can I
characterize cellular respiration using the glycine max lectin found in
soybeans?  Could it possibly cause agglutination of isolated mitochondria if
coupled to horse radish peroxidase?  Any help would be appreciated. Thank you


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