Discovery and Function of Stomata

Jon Greenberg jongreen at BLUEMARBLE.NET
Mon Nov 16 12:26:34 EST 1998

Hello, Plant-eders. I have another question for you all.

Can anyone tell me anything or refer me to resources for information
about the history of our understanding of the discovery and importance
of stomata? Specifically, I am trying to find out when and by whom the
following discoveries were made:

1) the existence of stomata and their importance as the openings through
which transpirational water loss occurs.

2) the significance of chloroplasts and volume changes in guard cells in
regulating stomatal aperture.

3) The roles of K+ transport and starch formation and hydrolysis in
osmotic regulation of guard cell volume.

Many thanks for any clues you can provide. I was never taught much of
this history, and I'm hoping that some of you know it better than I do.

Jon Greenberg

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