Plants and Music

Frances Hendry,Jennifer JENNY at
Mon Nov 16 12:54:27 EST 1998

> Dear sir or madam,
> 	I am a 9th grader in Southeast High School, Kansas and I was wondering
> if you could help me in finding any information about the effect of
> diffrent kinds of music on plant growth.
> Thank You,
> Amanda Needham

Hello, Amanda,

I do not know of any information just about the effects of music on plant
growth, but it might be related to some of the information in a book 
called "The Romeo Error," written by Lyall Watson. 

In the book Watson writes about the effects on plants of being in the same
room as another plant that is torn up.  Later on, the plants then seem to
"recognise" the person who did the tearing. 

If this can happen, then maybe plants can be affected by music, and maybe
different kinds of music have different effects.  I'm sorry I cannot give
you any more information on the book - I think that it is quite old - but
I do hope that you find the information that you are looking for - it is a
great area to study! 

Best Wishes

Jennifer Hendry
(studying teaching in Madrid, soon to return to Manchester UK)

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