anyone use Lebowitz?

David Brown dbrown at PTLOMA.EDU
Mon Nov 16 22:43:42 EST 1998

Plant-ed Folks,
	Have any of you used this lab manual?

	Plant Biotechnology : A Laboratory Manual
       by Robert J. Lebowitz $37.55 Paperback Spiral 
	edition (January 1995) WCB/McGraw-Hill; 
	ISBN: 0697151190 155 pages, B&W print, figures

	I would appreciate any comments pro or con.

	My first impression is that it picks up on many
	plant bioengineering themes with "do-able" 
	protocols. The price seems high but not by many
	other standards, probably a small market problem.

	Do you know of any better lab manuals over the
	same material?

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