artificial light please help?

Tue Nov 24 17:15:27 EST 1998

  I'm doing an experiment using artificial light.  I germinated bean seeds
and then using artificial light and clear plastic bottles covered with
different colored cello began to note the progress.  I used clear, yellow,
red, green, and blue.  I thought this was the order in which they would also
grow, clear being the quickest; however, the blue is growing the quickest
and the clear isn't fairing so well.  I do not want to get a bad grade, and
I thought I did everything correctly, the beans seemed to be approximately
the same height when I began using the lights, but the blue and red are
growing the quickest.  Can someone please tell me what the correct results
should be and why?  What did I do wrong?
                       Thanks,   Tiffany (9th grade)

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