let the fun begin

Thu Oct 1 10:25:23 EST 1998


	We got ourselves another committee!  I propose that all meetings be
held at Fratello's.

	OK, I'm just kidding.  But seriously, this is what I know so far.

	The ad for the Plant Taxonomist position will appear in Science in
the second week of November.  At that point we are free to post it to any
electronic bulletin board, server, news group, etc. we want, as long as we
do not change or add anything.  I will post it to the web pages of our
department, the Botanical Society of America, American Society of Plant
Taxonomists and the Missouri Botanical Gardens, and to three news groups
(TAXACOM at cmsa.berkeley.edu, Council on Undergraduate Research, and Plant
Education).  If anyone has more sites let me know.  We do need to keep
track of where we post it for our final report.

	Diane is the person overseeing all of the secretarial stuff for
this search.  Mandi is responsible for the Food Micro search.

	I will have Diane provide you with some info from Bill Wresch et
al. regarding rules and regulations on how to do a search.  Some of it is
useful, some not.  It won't hurt for everyone to have a copy for your
files.  I'll also have her give each of us a copy of the ad.

	The application deadline is sometime in Jan (I think).  We should
meet soon thereafter and make a phone interview list (top 6 to 8
candidates), then we conduct the phone interviews, narrow the list to the
top 2, and invite them in for a campus visit.  I would like to get together
at least once before the application deadline and discuss, to the extent we
can, what exactly we are looking for and what criteria we each think are
important.  We may end up not agreeing on criteria, but at least we'll all
know where we each stand.  Each of the last several searches has generated
only 30-40 applicants so the work load shouldn't be too bad.

	There are a lot of other details.  Watch this space for future
announcements.  Talk to (or email) me if I have left anything out.


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