differential growth

Cynthia M. Galloway c-galloway at TAMUK.EDU
Mon Oct 12 15:35:05 EST 1998


What I do is ask my students which way would they bend if one leg grew
longer than the other.  You can even have someone stand with one leg on a
book or small box to see that they would bend away from the long leg and
toward the short one.


>Dear Colleagues,
>Does anyone have a good physical demonstration of how unequal growth in a
>stem can result in growth towards or away from something?  I have 2-D
>pictures, but I was trying to come up with some analogy, or demo, that
>shows clearly how such unequal growth can cause bending in the phototropic
>response, or in twining for vines.
>Thanks for any ideas you have.  Again, I'm looking for a physical or visual
>demo, not a static, 2-D picture.
>Kath Archer
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