Juan Huang jhuang at GNV.IFAS.UFL.EDU
Fri Oct 16 09:29:02 EST 1998

Dear all,
I am an entomologist working on plant-insect interactions.  A plant
physiologist gave me this address than I can ask for help.  Does anyone know
what's the difference between articulated laticifers and pseudolaticifers?
Based on literature, lettuce has pseudolaticiferous cells producing latex.
Another question is how to extract latex.  I was trying to extract latex by
cutting, but I could not find a right solvent to dissove. I tried hexane,
methylene chloride, methanol, and acetone. 
Your help will be highly appreciated. Would you please send your advice
directly to my account at jhuang at, because I have not joined
this list yet. 

You all have a wonderful weekend. 
Ms Juan Huang 
279 Corry Village, # 4
Gainesville, FL 32603-2134
352-846-5925 (H)
352-392-1901 ext. 188(O)
Dept of Entomology and Nematology
University of FLorida

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