paper making?

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Fri Oct 23 08:29:44 EST 1998

We do paper in our Plants and People course (we also do beer, but that's 
another story).  We don't get anything like a good, thin, finished paper, but 
the students *do* get the idea of macerating and soaking fibers, floating 
them, molding them in deckles, pressing, and drying.  The usual result is a 
stiffish cardboard-like paper which could be used for note cards. 

The deckle forms were made from wood and fine mesh screening.  We use felt or 
herbarium blotters in drying, and usually we just tear up office paper and put 
it in a blender with a little fabric softener and a lot of water.  We have 
come up with some nice colors recycling colored paper.  We have also played 
around with incorporating flower petals and such.  

I am doing the lab on paper making next week and there will be a web site 
posted soon on it.  (Will post back with the URL once we know it!) A good 
source for supplies is Lee S. McDonald of Mass.  They sell brass paper screen 
in bulk and any other supplies that you need, including prepulped fibers.  
After looking at the web site, if you have any questions, please feel free to 
contact Jeannie Skalsky at jskalsky at

>I'm teaching an intro botany course this semester and am considering having
>the students make paper (to sort of tie into the local economy--it's either
>paper, cheese, or beer and paper seemed the easiest).  Has anyone tried
>this before?  Any sources, suggestions or warnings?



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