Plant Population Biology and Plant Taxonomy

david degroote degroote at TIGGER.STCLOUDSTATE.EDU
Thu Oct 29 15:50:12 EST 1998

Sorry to bring back an old subject.  I would like to put forward a position
that incorporates both population biology and taxonomy.  I ask this question
before and some responded but the new question is larger--I think.  The
plant tax courses we offer are in support of ecology/aquatics/wildlife
program--we don't have a botany major.  It is my impression as an old
fashion plant physiologist that in ecology course work and student need have
expanded to looking at the world more on the level of populations and
communities and landscapes rather that partitioning the world into
plant/animal/fungal/microbial disciplines.  So, plant taxonomy is more than
just identifing plants in the field and bring specimens back for
identification--it is about the relationships between plants and how
populations "behave" with one another and with other populations--ie.
population biology.  So, the long and the short of it is, there are those
who believe that plant tax and population biology are mutually exclusive.  I
would very much appreciate your thoughts on this matter.
David DeGroote
St. Cloud State University 

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