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To  Esther and others

We have  a Qubit system and have found it remarkably robust and easy to
use.  One has to realise however that given that the cuvette  is static  ie
there is not a flow of gas  there is no replenishment of CO2 and one has to
load up the system with CO2  to run it . This is normally done simply by
breathing into  a bag and using it as a gas supply. This may of course
cause stomata  to do some funny things  and is certainly not normal.
However  as the instrument simply measures O2 accumulation in  a static
cuvette it is as good as you need.  For lower plant which do not have
stomata it is ideal but gives results that are maximal due to the high
CO2.  The equipment is dead easy to use and the software allows some
interesting manipulation of data.  If you dont have an IRGA this is the
next best thing  and for light curves it works brilliantly, with little
supervision and good student participation.  If you can afford their IRGA
system it allows so much more to be done.
 Good  Luck
Warwick Silvester

Plant-edders: I would like to hear from any of you who have used the
photosynthesis monitoring equipment from Qubit Systems (Ontario, CA).
Specifically, what has been your experience in using their Photosynthesis
Package in lower division courses (e.g. General Biology) and upper division
courses (e.g. Plant Physiology)? Is it useful for students who are involved
in designing and carrying out independent projects? Does it require lots of
instructor "hovering"? Did the "package" lack any features (expensive or
otherwise) which you felt you had to purchase to make it work well for your
students? Post to me or to plant-ed.
Thanks in advance.
Esther McLaughlin
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