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Elaine Shea shea at LOYOLA.EDU
Wed Sep 9 12:44:50 EST 1998


I second Warwick Silvester's comments.  I have used our Qubit system in
both Botany and Plant Physiology.  As a class, my students design an
experiment and then gather the data.  We have only one set-up and it takes
45 minutes to an hour to run one experiment (changing light intensity, the
angle of the light, etc.).  We have a 4 hour lab period, so I divide the
class into 4 groups and each group comes for one hour.  Later we share the
data, and they can do some simple statistics for their write-ups.

We are planning on buying the optional battery pack for the sensors so we
can use the device outside.  With the sun as the light souce and a portable
laptop to collect the data we can take measurements in the field.  My
colleagues teaching other courses (ecology, plant ecology, aquatic biology
[for emergent, not submerged plants!]) are eager to use it too.  Has anyone
out there tried this?


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