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>Hello All,
>	I have inherited crystalline phloroglucinol stain, 
>and I'm looking for a recipe to mix it up.
>	In the past, I have purchased it in solution, and 
>used it with HCl (I think 50%) on the specimen.
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OK, the recipe I have is as follows:

Phloroglucinol, solid: 2g
Methanol, 100%: 100mL
HCl, Conc.: 100mL
Water, Distilled: 100mL

Store in cool, dark place, in wrapped amber bottle
Shelf life 2 to 12 months

Used to identify mechanical pulps (paper fibers)

Hope this helps

tm37 at ipst dot edu
Institute of Paper Science and Technology

By the way: if my memory serves me, phloroglucinol may be
carcinogenic, or some other bio-nasty (not that methanol is good to
drink, as well). You may want to hunt up a recent MSDS.

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