Attack of huge mustard seeds!

Louisa Stark Louisa.Stark at COLORADO.EDU
Tue Sep 15 13:04:46 EST 1998


The seeds you collected don't sound like B. rapa to me.  The major clue
is that your seeds sound like they're oblong, not round like B. rapa
seeds.  Seeds of all the Brassica species I have on hand or remember
seeing have been round with a diameter of 1-2 mm.  It's been several
years since I collected wild B. rapa, but I don't remember the seeds
being 3 mm in diameter.  I just looked to see if I still had any, but
couldn't find them.  

I'm sure you could get definitive information from the Fast Plants
folks  in Wiconsin: email - fastplants at   phone:

Good luck!


Bernadette Roche wrote:
> Hi again all:
> I posted about Brassica seeds collected in the field...I meant 3 mm, not 3 cm long...That will teach me to post items before my 8:00 AM classes!  SO the question still holds:  could Brassica rapa seeds be 3 mm (about 3 times the size of Wisconsin fast plant B. rapa seeds)?
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