How to Dry Pressed Plants?

William E. Williams WEWilliams at OSPREY.SMCM.EDU
Wed Sep 16 07:36:12 EST 1998

Dear Plant-Ed People,

We have an ancient herbarium drying cabinet from Lane Science Equipment
that breaks down roughly once a week during use and is clearly nearing
(past?) the end of its useful life.  A replacement that appears to be
identical would cost about $1,600.  We run two courses that require
herbarium collections, one aquatic and one terrestrial, so the cabinet is
in use roughly one semester out of two, however when it is in use it is
usually nearly full.

How do your students dry pressed specimens?  There's an illustration in one
of the Carolina catalogs of a press set upright on a couple of bricks with
two light bulbs underneath -- anybody try that?  I'm open to any and all
suggestions for an inexpensive space-efficient scheme.

Bill Williams

William E. Williams
Biology Department, St. Mary's College of Maryland
St. Mary's City, MD 20686 USA
WEWilliams at

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