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Wed Sep 16 19:04:13 EST 1998

>>  We got off onto a tangent in plant anatomy today (often the best lectures
>>I do!).  Students were chipping in with their home remedies for keeping
>>flowers alive.  Of the ones that interested me were: Salicylic acid,
>>vinegar, lemon juice, 7-up, and bleach.  I have an inkling about salicylic
>>acid, the rest...  It wasn't clear what these were supposed to do, but the
>>story is that all somehow aid in making flowers last, bloom better, etc.

Sunset magazine did a series of tests on extending vase life of
cut flowers.  My recollection is that 1 part 7-up to 3 or 4 parts 
water was the most effective of the homebrews... the citric acid
dropped the pH to reasonably low levels, and the sucrose provided some
carbohydrate.  Aspirin and vinegar and copper pennies all were quite
ineffective  for most species tested.

Looking at the indexes on the web site, I think the article was in
the August 1996 issue, pp. 51-52.

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