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Sat Sep 19 23:25:03 EST 1998

Hello everyone -

I am a college student looking for illustrated (black and white and/or 
color),up-to-date book(s) on the flora of the US.  I recently looked 
through the book: "An Illusttrated Flora of the Northern United States 
and Canada" (3 volumes) by Britton and Brown (Dover publishing, 1970). I 
was impressed by the amount of information contained in the book, along 
with the illustrations.  However, after looking at a review of the book 
at, I am reconsidering whether to purchase the book myself.  
The review follows:

"Reprint of 1913 edition with "wrong names"-- save your money 
                     Save your pennies for a copy of the 1952 edition 
(out of print) from a used book dealer. The 1913 edition uses
                     a set of names known as "American Code" that 
botanists haven't used since the 1950's; the services of a
                     professional taxonomist is practically required to 
update the changes, and few people will know what you're
                     talking about if you use an "American Code" name 
for a plant. The 1952 edition updates all of that, and
                     includes quite a few more species. In my opinion, 
Dover did a real disservice to botany by reissuing the 1913
                     edition. Kay Lancaster (plant taxonomist)"

Does anyone know of this book that can help me determine whether it is 
worth purchasing?  Are there many inaccuracies in the book?  What other 
books similar to this one would you recommend I look at?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Kevin Franken

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