book inaccuracies?

Janice M. Glime jmglime at MTU.EDU
Sun Sep 20 09:36:03 EST 1998

> I am a college student looking for illustrated (black and white and/or 
> color),up-to-date book(s) on the flora of the US.  I recently looked 
> through the book: "An Illusttrated Flora of the Northern United States 
> and Canada" (3 volumes) by Britton and Brown (Dover publishing, 1970). I 
> was impressed by the amount of information contained in the book, along 
> with the illustrations.  However, after looking at a review of the book 
> at, I am reconsidering whether to purchase the book myself.  
Your assessment of the Dover publication is correct.  The most up-to-date
treatment with illustrations is the latest edition of Gleason and
Cronquist, Manual of Vascular Plants of Northeastern United STates and
Adjacent Canada, 2nd edition (1991) from New York Botanical Garden, Bronx,
New York 10458, USA.  It has no illustrations, but there is a second book,
published last year, that was made as a companion to it and contains all
the illustrations of the original Britton and Brown, but with the new
nomenclature and some additional illustrations.  I think that was also a
publication of the New York Botanical Garden, but am not certain and don't
have me copy at home.  It is expensive - about $120-130.
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