RHEEM growth chamber info

Joy B. Perry joyperry at UWC.EDU
Mon Sep 21 10:57:29 EST 1998

We were recently given a very nice RHEEM growth chamber, model I-48-LTP-A,
but it arrived without any manuals or other documentation. This is a fairly
complicated piece of equipment, and to get the most out of it, we really
need an operator's manual.

This growth chamber/incubator will control photoperiod, temperature, and
relative humidity. It has some dial controls for setting high and low
temperature limits, but is programmed through a complicated digital touch

RHEEM's line is now owned by Revco Scientific Products, and Revco claims to
not have any documentation on our model because of its age. (There's no
date on the growth chamber, but I'd guess it was manufactured in the
early-mid 80's.)

If you have a RHEEM growth chamber of this model, I'd be very grateful if I
could get a copy of the operator's manual. I would be happy to reimburse
you for copying and mailing expenses.

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