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>>Dear Plant-edders,
>>Does anyone know where I could get prepared slides to be used on a slide
>projector for use in an Intro Botany class that I teach? When I was taking
>a similar course as an undergraduate the instructor projected images on a
>screen to supplement his lectures. He covered algae, fungi, byrophytes etc.
>as well as plant anatomy and morphology using these slides to illustrate
>his points. I remember how effective his lectures were and he managed to
>show a great deal of the diversity of plant life using these slides. I know
>there are illustrations on CD that are available for use in lectures but
>not all our teaching classrooms are hard wired. I have looked at catalogs
>from some suppliers (Carolina, Wards etc) but have not found anything so
>far. I would be grateful for any information anyone might have about a
>source of prepared slides of  material which cover algae,fungi, vascular
>and non-vascular plants etc.  Thank you in advance.

try JLM Visuals: http://members.aol.com/JLMVisuals/right.html

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