Please !! Help with a palm !!!!!

Joy jcaccam at
Tue Apr 6 10:21:18 EST 1999

Dear Troy & Cherise,

Since you didn't mention its scientific name, I'm not sure if Majesty palm
is what I know as 'royal palm' (Roystonea regia or Oreodoxa regia). R.
trunk is smooth, grayish, up to 60 cm in diameter, swollen at the middle
and tapering at top and bottom.

In the Philippines, where I'm from, this palm gets to be as large as 30 m
tall and is usually found in gardens, parks and along town roads because
very hardy and can tolerate strong winds (even the 26 typhoons we have
yearly). It loves the sun, since it's native to Cuba.

If this doesn't look like your palm, please try to get the scientific name
where you bought it, or try describing it more in detail, since common
names like 'majesty palm' may be applicable to different plants. I hope
this helps.


<LOVINGCOUPLE at> wrote in message
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> We just got a Majesty Palm ABOUT 8' Tall and we put it in a new pot and
> now it's turning yellow !! the tag said to put in sun to part shade. We
> done that in our living room. Please where did i go wrong !!!! I guess i
> don't have a green thumb. If you can help please do so !!!
>                  Troy & Cherise

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