water transport

Janice M. Glime jmglime at MTU.EDU
Sat Apr 10 14:22:17 EST 1999

  I can follow all the arguments against the compensating pressure theory
and agree that an improved method is needed.  However, some of the
explanation appears to be logical, such as the somotic pressure of
adjacent parenchyma cells and the ability of these cells to give up water
to compensate for some of the water loss.  My strongest argument against
this idea is that this would appear to be a finite water supply that would
help in the short term but soon be axhausted as more water is transpired.
However, what I cannot accept in either argument is the either/or
approach.  Why can't both negative pressure and compensating pressure be
occurring, even simultaneously, but at least under early stages of
  I must think differently from most scientists because many arguments of
one theory or hypothesis vs another appear to me to be mutually compatible
and together offer a better explanation than either alone.
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