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Bob Wise wise at VAXA.CIS.UWOSH.EDU
Tue Aug 3 10:36:52 EST 1999

To all,

Although moderation would eliminate junk mail, we should keep in mind that
someone would have to do the moderation.  That someone would probably be
Jon Monroe and I'm sure he has other, more pressing demands on his time.  I
am willing to live with the small amount of junk mail to PlantEd, at least
until we can see what solutions BIOSCI comes up with.  I am quite reluctant
to ask Jon to increase his personal workload to solve what appears (at
least to me) to be a minor problem.

Bob Wise

>Bob, et al.,
>Yes, junk mail is a problem that we are all aware of and unhappy
>about.  The reason Plant-ed suffers more than others you belong to is
>because it is an unmoderated BIOSCI newsgroup as opposed to a
>listserv (e.g. biolab) or a moderated newsgroup (e.g.
>bionet.genome.arabidopsis).  Therefore, everyone has access to it.
>The BIOSCI administrators are very concerned about the problem and
>are attempting to install filtering software.  I was told might be
>operational by the end of the summer.  Plant-ed has discussed the
>idea of going the moderation route in the past, and while I would be
>willing to do it, it would take the spontaneity out of the
>At the ASPP meeting last week I passed out a survey to learn how
>people who used Plant-ed accessed it and about their views on
>moderation.  The same survey is circulating at the International
>Botanical Congress this week.  So far it appears that most people
>would prefer moderation.  I'll post the complete results later this
>month after I return from a family vacation...  The best solution in
>my mind is for BIOSCI to filter the junk and to remain unmoderated.
>If, in a few months it looks like BIOSCI can't help us, I think we
>should give moderation a try.  In the mean time please just quickly
>delete the junk and try not to let it bother you.  Are people happy
>with this plan?
>>Is anyone else on this list as unhappy as I about the amount of junk mail
>>we get?  None of the other science lists I use seem to have this problem.
>>Can anything be done about it?
>>Robert W. Morris, Chair
>>Department of Biology
>>Widener University
>>Chester, PA 19013
>>morris at pop1.science.widener.edu
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>  http://csm.jmu.edu/biology/monroejd/jmonroe.html

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