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Bill Purves purves at THUBAN.AC.HMC.EDU
Tue Aug 3 12:05:48 EST 1999

I agree with Bob Wise and endorse Jon Monroe's suggestion that
plant-ed continue in its present mode, with some hope of filtering
assistance from BIOSCI.  I also agree with Bob Morris about the
extraneous junk being an annoyance.  However, my personal view
is that the annoyance level is low enough that I, for one, would
be for continuing in the present mode even if BIOSCI can't help
reduce the junk load.

One of the many fine features of plant-ed is the virtually
instantaneous turnaround time, which allows instructors to get
extremely rapid response in last-minute crises.  A switch to
moderation of the group would surely end that capability.
And, as Jon says, we could lose some of the spontaneity of this
excellent group.  And yes, Jon *is* too busy to do the moderation
job justice if it came to that.


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