Nitrate in Plant Tissues

Elaine M. Shea shea at LOYOLA.EDU
Tue Aug 3 14:59:19 EST 1999

I got the following question from the folks who make a nifty nitrate test
kit (based on nitrate reductase).  I use the kits for a lab activity, but
this question strays a little out of my league.  Can anyone help?

>We've been getting info requests from farmers in Ohio.  Because of the
>drought, there's a lot of trouble with nitrate levels in the corn, both for
>feed and silage purposes.  The crop consultants and feed suppliers are
>looking for ways to measure the nitrate content of the corn at
>harvest.  We've done quite a bit of work with using our test kits to
>measure nitrate in plant tissues, but we generally boil and/or freeze/thaw
>to be sure to get all the nitrate out of the vacuoles.
>So here's the question:
>Is there any known ratio between the nitrate level in the cytoplasm and
>that level in the vacuoles?  We want to tell these guys how to measure
>nitrate by just squeezing out some of the plant juice (from leaf or stalk),
>diluting it by a factor of 1000 (they're telling me there's nitrate at 1000
>- 15000 ppm in the corn!!), and using a 50 µl drop of the dilution in our
>test kits.  If they do this, is there any way to guesstimate how much total
>nitrate is in the plant?
>Any info or leads accepted here. We not only want to sell test kits, we'd
>like to help the farmers.  When nitrate levels are this high, the
>fermenting silage makes toxic nitrous oxide gas - people die from this.
>Best regards,
>Ellen R Campbell, Vice President
>The Nitrate Elimination Co., Inc.
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>Lake Linden, MI 49945
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>Fax: 906/296-8003
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>NECi: Biotechnology people can use!

You can reply to the group or to me directly and I'll see that Ellen gets them.


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