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Carol M. Stiff kck at TURBONET.COM
Wed Aug 4 00:07:13 EST 1999

I have also seen an increase in junk mail in a list that I manage,
home tissue culture.  It is not moderated.  In the last two weeks or
so, the junk mail has increased enormously.  Maybe it's the
heat??????  I don't believe in censorship hence I don't like to see a
list moderated, and, as someone else pointed out, it does take a lot
of time to do.  Let's hope the cooler weather will help to alleviate
this problem.............carol   (yes, I am naive but hopeful)

| From: Kathleen Pelkki <pelkki at tardis.svsu.edu>
| To: plant-ed at net.bio.net
| Subject: Re: junk mail
| Date: Tuesday, August 03, 1999 1:27 PM
| Thanks for bringing this up, Bob.  I was seriously considering
| unsubscribing because the junk is ridiculous.  I am on a number of
| professional lists and one hobby list, and I get NO junk mail with
| those.  What's the deal?
| Kathy Pelkki
| Saginaw Valley State University

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