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Fri Aug 6 16:43:56 EST 1999


We can provide maize Kn1 and lg1.  However, we do not yet have ns1/ns2 in
our collection.  This double mutant was first isolated by Marc Albertsen
<ALBERTSNM at PHIBRED.COM> and published on most recently by Mike Scanlon
<mjscanlo at>.

Please send your full mailing address to maize at and we'll send the
Kn1 and lg1 seeds out to you ASAP.

   Best regards,

      -Marty Sachs, Director

In article <199908061518.KAA24294 at>, ceumb at STOLAF.EDU wrote:

> Hi all,
> Am getting ready for teaching my Plant Morph. and Systematics course
> and am looking for sources for seeds for some of the mutants that are
> referenced in S. H. Howell's Molecular Genetics of Plant Development
> and elsewhere.
> Mutants I am interested in include
> Arabidopsis
>         apetala1, apetala3, agamous, pistallata1 and combinations of...
> Corn
>         kn1
>         lg1
>         ns
> Tomato
>         kn1
> Any recommendations on sources or other mutants would be great.  I am
> going to be combining lecture with lab and would like to be able to
> grow these so we can talk about/dissect as we do plant development
> section of course.
> -Charles Umbanhowar
> St. Olaf College
> ceumb at

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