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Bioresearch Online Newsletter
Volume 2   Issue 42
Wednesday, August 11, 1999

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***** FEATURED ARTICLES selected by Laura DeFrancesco *****

1) Botanists From Around the World Meet in St. Louis
2) Yeast Mutant Repository Under Construction
3) FastLane Part II: Completing And Checking Online NSF Proposals


1) Botanists From Around the World Meet in St. Louis
The Shroud of Turin, primordial Eve plant---a meeting of the religious right,
perhaps? Guess again.  Last week, the International Botanical Congress, a
meeting that occurs once every six years, was held in St. Louis. Some of the
meeting highlights can be viewed on Bioresearch Online.

2) Yeast Mutant Repository Under Construction
Yeast geneticists---mutagenize no more. The Saccharomyces Genome Deletion
Project has the mutant you've been looking for. By definition. This group,
which includes Ron Davis' group at Stanford, Affymetrix and many, many more,
is constructing deletion mutants in all the yeast open reading frames. And
making them freely available to researchers.  What more could you ask for?

3) FastLane Part II: Completing And Checking Online NSF Proposals
The second of two articles by John Swartz, physicist at Dartmouth College on
using the NSF FastLane Web based tool---the ONLY way to submit a proposal to
NSF as of July 1---is up this week. Part II has some handy, time-saving tips on
how to fill out the web forms--a must read for FastLane first-timers.

******** EDITOR'S CHOICE PRODUCTS ********

1) Pre-Cast Gel Electrophoresis System
2) Hand-Held Luminometer
3) Image Acquisition Software


1) Pre-Cast Gel Electrophoresis System
The Hitachi R3 Precast Gel Electrophoresis System saves time, frees you of the
worry of handling unpolymerized acrylamide, and saves you the trouble of
cleaning glass plates. The system consists of a 110 or 220V electrophoresis
device, powder-coated aluminum thermoplate, and precast 4.5% polyacrylamide gels.

2) Hand-Held Luminometer
The Mini-Lum single tube Luminometer is a hand held instrument with integrated
injector for use with both "flash" and "glow" reagents. It can accommodate a
wide variety of chemistry applications including ATP measurements, gene
insertion assays, and cell growth quantitation.

3) Image Acquisition Software
Universal Imaging Corporation's Multi Dimensional Acquisition and Viewer
modules provide a new set of tools for studying cell structure and function.
The modules, for use with version 4.0 of the company's MetaMorph imaging
software, provides an intuitive user interface that allows easy configuration
of acquisition paradigms to acquire 3-dimensional data at multiple excitation
and/or emission wavelengths across time.

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