Fwd: Kansas Rejects Evolution In Science Classes

David Starrett dstarret at BIOLOGY.SEMO.EDU
Thu Aug 12 17:55:33 EST 1999

>> >Religious groups have argued that evolution cannot be proven, and some
>> >that evolution is not in accordance with Biblical teachings regarding the
>> >origins of life.
>> >
>> >``It's deception,'' said Tom Willis, director of the Creation Science
>> >Association for Mid-America, which helped write the new standards. ``You
>> >can't go into the laboratory or the field and make the first fish. When
>> >tell students that science has determined (evolution to be true), you're
>> >deceiving them.''

Last I checked we weren't any closer to 'proving' the existence of God or
"creation"!!!  Telling students there is a God or creation is true is just
as deceptive, is it not?  What the heck am I missing?

I deal with this same issue constantly here in SE Missouri, an extension of
the same bible belt as in KS.  I dread the thought that such a
narrow-minded view/proclamation would show up here.  At one point here, it
was decreed that the two kingdom system be taught... the kingdom of man,
and the kingdom of all other life....

Dave Starrett

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