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At 04:36 PM 8/12/99 -0700, Bill Purves wrote:
>Dave Starrett wrote:
>>O.K., now I have two questions that seem to be getting conflicting answers.
>>1)  What is the meat?  Is it cotylerdon and thus converting endosperm to
>>embryo?  Is it soldified endosperm?  If it is cotyledon, where does the
>>milk go?  Why is it that even ripe coconuts have milk in them, seemingly as
>>much as unripe.  (in Hawaii and some asian countries brown "ripe" coconuts
>>are halved and the milk drank.
>The meat is solid endosperm.  Liquid endosperm gradually changes to solid
>endosperm as cell walls form.

*** Back to an earlier question then.  Where's the cotyledon?

>>2)  Is the coconut technically a drupe?  I had always assumed, and used the
>>term, drupe to refer to dicot only.  Can it be used for monocot also?
>It is technically a drupe.  The term isn't reserved for dicots.

*** Good to know this.

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