Scutellum in corn not coconuts

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Fri Aug 13 11:59:26 EST 1999

On 13 Aug 1999, Mark D. Spiro wrote:

> 	My understanding about the difference between monocots and dicots
> is that dicots absorb the endosperm during embryo formation/maturation to
> form large cotyledons  and monocots absorb the endosperm via their single
> cotyledon during seed germination.  The scutellum is the term for the
> specialized absorbtive cotyledon found in grasses and is not used for other
> monocots.

Albuminous and exalbuminous seeds are not reserved for monocot vs. dicot
either.  One need only look at a castor bean to see the two absorptive
cotyledons appressed to the endosperm in this albuminous seed.  

Also, we routinely find embryos in the coconuts we purchase at our local
Publix supermarket for our Botany classes.  Some are very small.  We have
preserved some of the better ones over the years.   

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