[Re: Fwd: Kansas Rejects Evolution In Science Classes]

David Starrett dstarret at BIOLOGY.SEMO.EDU
Sun Aug 15 23:40:47 EST 1999

>I, too, am frustrated and saddened by the recent turn of events in Kansas. I
>agree that it stems from the biblical idea that we were created in the "image
>of God".  Seems awfully presumptuous, however, to believe that God has a
>physical form like we do.  We identify, I fear, too much with our physical
>body - which could easily have evolved, as all of life has I believe, from
>four basic elements - C, H, O, N.  This is not inconsistent with a belief in
>God - created in His image could refer to our spiritual nature.  I am
>because the goal of both science and religion is the same - a search for
>truth.  This kind of event, rather than furthering that goal, only serves to
>cripple us and keep us steeped in ignorance.

Yes, the idea that both can co-exist is worth explaning to students.  It
doesn't matter whenter I do or don't believe in one in the other as long as
I allow that they are both believed by others, etc.  I challeneg my
students to guess whether I am religious or not.  I work VERY hard to
maintaing an objective stand on this issue, never bringing my own beliefs
into the discussion.

What I tell my students is the science and religion search for answers as
stating they are searching for truth counteracts my point that creation,
religion, etc are untestable and rely solely on one's faith and belief in
what others tell you whereas in science you CAN test and get the answers
directly for yourself.  Faith is subjedctive, science is objective, etc.


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