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<< What I tell my students is the science and religion search for answers as
 stating they are searching for truth counteracts my point that creation,
 religion, etc are untestable and rely solely on one's faith and belief in
 what others tell you whereas in science you CAN test and get the answers
 directly for yourself.  Faith is subjedctive, science is objective, etc.

'Tis I, Steffi, under a new screen name.  I have moved to Lake Tahoe, and I 
am glad to be back in touch with plant-ed... however, I am quite disjointed 
by the current topic.  As scientists, we have a bad habit of thinking "black 
and white."  Dave is right in one sense, that science and religion coexist -- 
they must, for human nature will persist no matter how slowly or quickly 
evolution shows its face.  Faith CANNOT be taught in the classroom, though, 
but it must be acknowledged.  It will exist, and we must acknowledge and 
integrate "faith" into our classroom curricula.  We cannot avoid it.  And we 
must remember, that faith does not merely exist within the church.  We can no 
longer put energy into the facade that science is objective.  Science is 
backed and bound by the interest, intrigue, and emotion of persons seeking 
truth via mediums supposedly countered by religion, while immersed in a 
religion of their own -- a religion that embodies our belief, our faith in 

Oooh, it's soap box time.


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