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David Hershey dh321 at excite.com
Tue Aug 17 19:48:56 EST 1999

The August 23, 1999 Time magazine has a cover story on evolution and a
thoughtful rebuttal of the Kansas Board of Education decision and
Creationism movement by Stephen Jay Gould.

David Hershey
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> << What I tell my students is the science and religion search for answers as
>  stating they are searching for truth counteracts my point that creation,
>  religion, etc are untestable and rely solely on one's faith and belief in
>  what others tell you whereas in science you CAN test and get the answers
>  directly for yourself.  Faith is subjedctive, science is objective, etc.
>   >>
> 'Tis I, Steffi, under a new screen name.  I have moved to Lake Tahoe, and I
> am glad to be back in touch with plant-ed... however, I am quite disjointed
> by the current topic.  As scientists, we have a bad habit of thinking "black
> and white."  Dave is right in one sense, that science and religion coexist --
> they must, for human nature will persist no matter how slowly or quickly
> evolution shows its face.  Faith CANNOT be taught in the classroom, though,
> but it must be acknowledged.  It will exist, and we must acknowledge and
> integrate "faith" into our classroom curricula.  We cannot avoid it.  And we
> must remember, that faith does not merely exist within the church.  We can no
> longer put energy into the facade that science is objective.  Science is
> backed and bound by the interest, intrigue, and emotion of persons seeking
> truth via mediums supposedly countered by religion, while immersed in a
> religion of their own -- a religion that embodies our belief, our faith in
> science.
> Oooh, it's soap box time.
> Steffi
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